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Why Choose Grainwaves


By utilising a wide range of experts, Grainwaves can facilitate your business to become successfully plant-based. Our experts have experience helping businesses transition. We will help you with all sorts of issues including low crop yields, low customer base, high levels of waste, diversification issues.

Tailored plans to suit you

Grainwaves will

  • work with you to provide the best options
  • look into ways to help reduce waste
  • help you make the most of your products
  • help you explore different diversification options

To see a basic plan on how we will help you see the Get Support page.
Don’t hesitate to get in contact on how we can help your business thrive.

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Support through the whole process and beyond

We will invite you to join our Network that connects specialists and plant-based businesses together.

The Client Network provides a platform for both current and past clients to talk with each other, share ideas, seek advice and much more. This will be supported by experienced transition mentors.