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About Grainwaves and our mission

At Grainwaves, we recognise that our world is changing rapidly. With the government declaring a climate crisis, there are huge environmental concerns surrounding the use of animal-based products in our day-to-day lives.

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If you are a farmer, manufacturer and other business owner, you may find now is a great time to transition to plant-based alternatives.

Grainwaves wants all organisations, including yours, to have both the tools and knowledge which enable them to transition their current goods to plant-based ones.

Grainwaves helps companies of all types - farmers, manufacturers and other businesses - large and small, to achieve cost-effective transitions to environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free products that will be sustainable both now and in the future.

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For farmers, we offer many alternative ways to use farmland along with the potential environmental impact of each. We will also inform of potential grants that are available. We can organise soil testing to see what plant-based crops can be grown effectively.

For manufacturers, we will help source alternative plant-based replacements for all animal products, including potential wholesale sources

Our clients are supported throughout the entire transition to give them the best chance of sustained success.