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Join Our Network

At Grainwaves, we are developing three Networks as part of our service.

Support Network

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If your business is transitioning to plant-based, this is the Network for you. As well as being with other organisations that are also transitioning, there will be experts available to help you as much as is possible.

All new Grainwaves clients are asked to join this Network to facilitate timely support.

Unity Network

The Unity Network is for both 100% plant-based businesses and leaders in transitioning. As well as enabling you to make new connections for your business, this Network provides ongoing support: allowing everyone to communicate with each other, share ideas, seek advice and much more.

As the Unity Network grows, Grainwaves will also implement dynamic Breakaway Networks for more specialist subject matters such as "Farming" and "Catering". (This will allow the main Unity Network to remain friendly to all types of businesses without having one sector overpowering the Network)

Please request to join through our contact page.

Collaboration Network

If your organisation helps facilitate changes in the plant-based world, please join our Collaboration Network. This is a powerful platform for developing global strategies with other like-minded groups.

Please contact us to find out more.

A quick note for individuals

Although Grainwaves does not offer support for individuals to go plant-based, we highly recommend Challenge 22 and Veganuary.

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