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Grainwaves is here to help you convert your business to plant-based. What support do we provide?

Grainwaves helps farmers by

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  • organising environmental and soil analysis of land to ascertain what will be the most viable and profitable crops
  • investigating diversification options tailored to suit the farmer
  • guiding and advising on subsidies and grants
  • encouraging local support for farmers to sell their products
  • advising on how to turn products into higher value items
  • discussing all the options to make the best choices for them

Grainwaves helps suppliers (e.g. hospitality) by

  • ensuring all products become vegan friendly and can become registered as such
  • identifying vegan-friendly products as per needs
  • advising on the best products to sell in order to make money
  • reaching out to local groups in related business sectors to assist in promotion
  • promoting to plant-based databases (such as Happy Cow and Vegan Friendly)
  • advising on training staff and providing any knowledge needed

Grainwaves helps manufacturers by

  • sourcing plant-based raw ingredients or materials
  • organising vegan-friendly product verification
  • sourcing companies that will buy their products

If you are interested in converting your business, or want to find out more, let us know.