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Introducing grainwaves

At Grainwaves, we recognise that our world is changing rapidly. With the government declaring a climate crisis, there are huge environmental concerns surrounding the use of animal-based products in our day-to-day lives.

It is time for farmers, manufacturers and other businesses to transition to plant-based alternatives.

Grainwaves want all organisations to be enabled. They should have both the tools and knowledge which enable them to transition their current goods to plant-based ones.

Grainwaves help companies of all types - manufacturers, farmers and other businesses – both small and large - to achieve cost-effective transitions to environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free products that will be sustainable both now and in the future.

For manufacturers, we will help source alternative plant-based replacements for all animal products, including potential wholesale sources.

For farmers, we offer many alternative ways that their farmland can be used along with the potential environmental impact of each. We will also inform of potential grants that might be available. For growing plant-based crops, we can organise soil testing to see what can be grown effectively.

Our clients will be supported throughout the entire transition to give them the best chance of sustained success.

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Getting Support

If you have a business that uses animal products and would like support on transitioning to plant-based alternatives, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The need for Grainwaves

There are many groups now advocating for individuals to become plant based. For the people that decide to do this, there is a huge amount of support available to them. Groups such as Challenge 22 and Veganuary. On Facebook alone, there are now hundreds of support groups available in the UK; thousands worldwide.

The vegan movement is also wanting businesses to change too. Organisations such as Animal Rebellion are now asking for system change. It is wanting food manufacturers to remove animal based ingredients, clothing companies to come away from selling animal skins, beauty companies to stop animal testing and farmers to stop breeding and subsequently killing animals. For those businesses that are willing to make these changes, there are currently no support groups that specialise in supporting all of them.

In the last few months, we have started to see a few groups appearing that will help farmers specifically, but there are many other types of businesses that need support too.

Grainwaves is here to answer this call for help. Although very much in its infancy, Grainwaves will become the very first organisation in the UK that specialises in supporting businesses of all types to become more ethical and move away from exploiting animals.

Grainwaves have three distinct goals.

1. Grainwaves will become a both a UK and worldwide hub for individual, more specialised groups, offering both collaboration and support. Having all this experience and the amount of vast knowledge in one place, will allow transitioning businesses to get the very best of advice.

2. Grainwaves will provide support to all types of industry, gaining expert knowledge from both individuals and organisations that have already successfully transitioned their businesses to being plant based. As well as farmers, our clients could include businesses such as restaurants, schools, high street stores, etc.

3. There will be targeted campaigns towards specific types of businesses and industries, first pushing and then assisting them to remove all animal based products. This will include, for example, pushing coffee shops to follow in Starbucks footsteps and make plant based milks the norm in all their stores.

We see Grainwaves as being a critical part of the solution in stopping animal exploitation. People are becoming more and more aware, every single day, that our environment is suffering. We are having record breaking temperatures and we are already seeing mass fires break out globally. One of the largest causes of greenhouse gasses - animal agriculture.

The Amazon forest is being destroyed at a rate of 3 football pitches every single minute. Already, over 15% of it has gone and it is estimated that if this reaches 25%, there won't be enough trees cycling moisture through the rainforest. That will cause the rainforest to dry out and degrade into a savanna. The number one cause of this destruction - animal agriculture.

On health, the number one killer of human beings is heart disease – the main culprit: Cholesterol. This is only found in animal based foods.

On top of all that, over 70 billion land animals and over a trillion sea animals are killed every year for food and other uses. That is over 3 billion lives taken needlessly, every single day.

Our society is destroying our planet in order to breed and feed animals, in order to kill them and consume them; which then in turn are killing us. What’s society’s answer? Destroy the planet even more by breeding yet more animals to kill, so that we can then run tests on them, to find ways to stop them from killing us when we consume them.

It is time for this to stop.

People are beginning to realise that our current system needs to change and when they DEMAND alternatives, businesses will need to SUPPLY them.

Industry needs to respond and it needs to do respond now. Grainwaves will be here to both push and assist so this can happen as quickly as is possible.

Thank you.